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SEWP Multimedia

NOTICE: To have your video training noted in our database, upon completion of the viewing, please follow the steps listed below.

SEWP Training Videos

SEWP Training Video WMV (55.5MB)   MP4 (62MB)   MOV (139MB)

SEWP Website and Tools Video WMV (50.5MB)   MP4 (52MB)   MOV (119MB)

To view the video, you may click the link above or download it by placing your mouse over the link, right-clicking and selecting 'Save Target As...' (using Internet Explorer) or 'Save Link As' (using Mozilla Firefox).

Request a SEWP Training DVD

You may request a copy of the SEWP Training DVD by sending an e-mail (including your name and mailing address) to

Steps to have your video training noted in our database, SEWP Video Training
(NOTICE for DoD Customers: Certification of training is necessary prior to submitting orders to SEWP.)

  1. If you're a new SEWP user (or have not logged into your SEWP User Account after 2/1/2013)
    Prior to following the steps listed below, you will need to create a SEWP User Account.
  2. If you have a SEWP User Account
    1. After watching the video, log-in to your SEWP User Account Profile.
    2. In the 'SEWP Training' section, check the box certifying that you have watched the video, then click the 'Update Training' button.

Event FAQs

For help with events contact us via E-mail or call the SEWP helpline at 301-286-1478